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Immunity boosting Carrot ginger smoothie




With carrot and ginger


This is an orange smoothie and weirdly enough I never really see a lot of orange smoothies.

I wouldn't know why but it seems that green and pink are a bit more of a hype right know, poor orange smoothies.


I LOVE orange smoothies.

When I look at this smoothie I can only think about HOW PUMPED I am about Autumn.

Like so so so pumped you wouldn't believe!


I have already planned a ton of things I want to do that are completely Autumn related, searched places where I could go pumpkin patching, decided I wanted to host a huuge Halloween party, wrote an entire list of recipes where I could add cinnamon and pumkin, searched airbnb for a little cabin in the woods...

Ahh Fall, the best season.


And yes I know it is stil 'one month untill fall' but I have had enough of this warm weather.

I want to wear my black skinny jeans, comfy sweaters and boots!

I want it to be Autumn so bad that just the colour of my smoothie made me ramble about Autumn on my blog...

My co-workers will be reading this and rolling their eyes, since I have been moaning about all of this every day since I got back from holliday.


ANYWAY this smoothie!

It is made with just a few easy to find ingredients (like all my smoothies).

Banana and frozen mango are the two base ingredients and they just make it super creamy.

The chopped fresh carrots are great for improving digestion because of their fiber, they are also immunity boosting since they contain a lot of vitamin C and contain a number of antiseptic and antibacterial elements.

Ginger is great for helping the digestion as well and helps fighting inflamations, wich is really an important cause of a lot of diseases.

Then you add the curcuma/turmeric and some black pepper wich really helps with inflamation as well and is a great immunity booster.

You can also add a bit of raw apple cider vinegar to boost your digestion with some probiotics.


Now that I think about it, if golden milk and carrot cake made a baby, this smoothie would be it!


Make this when you feel a bit under the weather, physically or emotionally or when you are a bit fed up with all these green and pink smootbiebowls!





- 1 banana (can be frozen)

- one big hanfull of frozen mango chunks (about 6-8 chunks)

- one big carrot, peeled and chopped

- any plant based milk, just enough to fill the blender untill almost covering everything

- 2 big tbsp of shredded coconut

- 1 tsp of curcuma

- a pinch of black pepper

- the juice of one lime

- 2 tbsp of chiaseeds (optional)

- 1-2 cm thick chunck of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped finely, depending on how much you like ginger

- pinch of cinnamon (optional)

- a glug of raw apple cider vinegar


Add everything in your blender and blend away untill everything is super smooth!

Top with some extra banana, almonds and bee pollen.



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