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Green Gluten Free Pancakes



Green Gluten Free Pancakes

That could also be tortillas or tacos



I started typing this post and titled it gluten free tortilla, but it suddenly hit me that if I would make tortillas or soft shell tacos from scratch then they would be naturally gluten free since the authentic ones are primarely made from corn. 


But I can see where I got confused: here in Belgium if you want to buy them in store, pre-made, they ALWAYS have plain wheat flour in them. Don't ask me why, I find it equally absurd.


Then I remembered I watched an episode of chef's table and the main dishes of that episode were tacos and I remember seeing them using the amazing local corn and some water to make these perfect little soft taco shells, heaven.


Anyway, I will just call these green gluten free pancakes, but the truth is you could totally use them for some classic mexican dishes!

Talk about being multi-functional, ha.


So I am all about eating veggies without even noticing them.

I still consider myself a fairly recent vegetable eater and sometimes I just want something without ALL the greens. Enter: hiding veggies.


The easiest way to hide them is in a smoothie like this one I posted a while ago. if you add spinach you won't taste it at all, same with avocado.

Next level is in cakes and cookies like in this sweet potato brownie.

And then you have these pancakes. You don't taste the spinach at all nonetheless you still had a veggie portion whilst eating a great meal: WIN.


In my opinion Green Kitchen Stories are the king and queen of green pancakes. They seem to make them all the time, in all the most wonderfull variations possible. These are based on their vegan chickpea pancakes, I just add a bit of spinach.


For the filling you could use about anything.

Here I used a chickpea, tahini apple combo with some avocado and romaine lettuce.


They would also be perfect as a wrap!! For lunch on the go!!

Ok I am 100% on board, I hope you love them too.






- 100 gr of chickpea flour


- 300 ml of water


- pinch of salt


- one handfull of fresh basil


- one huuuuge handfull of spinach





- 1 can of chickpeas


- juice of 1 lemon


- 2 tblsp of tahin


-  1 tsp of maple syrup


- one apple, cored and diced


- 1 tbsp of olive oil


- salt and pepper



Extra toppings:


- 1 avocado, mashed


- some romaine lettuce


1. Start with the batter, since it is really important that you let it rest for min one hour.

Don't skip this!!

So put all the ingredients in a blender and blend away until the texture is super smooth and has no lumps. Set aside for one hour or overnight.


2. Start on the creamy chickpeas:

Mix the diced apples with the drained chickpeas, add the olive oil, tahin, lemon juice and maple syrup and season to taste with the salt and pepper.


3. Let a non stick frying pan heat up on the hob. Once the pan is evenly hot add a bit of olive oil or coconut oil and add enough batter to fill the pan with a thin layer. Swirl the batter around so it is evenly dispersed and leave the pancake alone untill it shows bubbles on the top and the sides have browned a bit. With a spatula, lift the sides and scoop the pancake upside down. Let it cook until both sides are golden brown.


4. Once the pancakes done, add the creamy chickpeas and toppings and DONE!





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