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Fruity chia pudding



with nut butter and strawberries



Wihouuu, as I am writing this it is the very first day of spring!

I say wihou, but there really isn't too much to wihouu about.


It rained all day, the sky was so grey I had to use the lights on my bike and on top of that I realised that my rainproof pants are not rainproof at all.

So there I sat, in my office chair, with a wet bum and soaked socks

And if that wasn't enough, my coat that I scored for 3€ in a second hand shop which I have been bragging about to everyone is also ABSOLUTLY not waterproof, which led to a massive wet patch juuuust right on my boob, placed exactly so that it looked like I had a breastfeeding mishappening.


ANYWAY except all that I had a very good week, really!

I did a few things that are totally out of my comfort zone, I meal prepped a lot and you all will be verry pleased to hear that my cat is no longer peeing on the couch (I'm crossing my fingers that I didn't just jinx it by writing this down here).


So whilst sitting in my clean couch I was scrolling through instagram and bumped into Green Kitchen Stories last recipe and it awoke a long forgotten memory out of the depts of my brain.



And then completly forgot about it, poor little recipe.


So as I shot the pictures of this recipe last summer I think it is great to celebrate the first day of spring with and invite some sunshine into our morning routine, right?



To be fair, it isn't really a recipe. 

It is more like an idea that you can twist to your own preferences and experiment with.


It is chia pudding, but with fruit: mind blowing I know!

You could try it with any fruit, but my favourites are definitly the ones with blackberries or strawberries.






- 3 tsp of chiaseed

- 100 gr of (frozen) strawberries or blackberries or any other berry

- pinch of cinnamon

- pinch of cardamom

- 250 ml of plant based milk, I use oatmilk



- a handfull of almonds, chopped

- a tablespoon of shredded coconut

- some fresh seasonal fruit, I used strawberries

- a good tablespoon of nut butter, this is peanut but I think almond or mixed butter would be even better


Start by mushing the fruit with a fork and add the spices.

If you use frozen strawberries you can blend them with the milk and the spices in a blender until smooth and thick.

Add the chiaseeds to the mixture and stirr well. Let it sit for a few hours, ideally overnight.


Once the mixture has a gel like consistency pour it into a glass adn add the nut butter on top. decorate with the coconut, fresh fruit and the chopped almonds and that is it!








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