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your new every-day green smoothie



with spinach, mango and ginger




I got my nutri-bullet almost a year TWO YEARS (wuttt??) ago now and I honestly use it every single morning.

The first few months I loved experimenting with it and 80% of my smoothies where just barely drinkable. And every time I tried to make a green smoothie, it tasted more like a soup you forgot to reheat... big fail!


It's some months (two years apparently!! I'm still shocked) later now and I really went through phases of smoothies during this time. I used to make super complex smoothies with all kinds of special ingrdients, after that I drank an orange smoothie with carrot, mango and turmeric for half a year, and after that I would just make 'snicker' smoothies with banana, peanut butter and raw cacao.


Looking back I see a certain logic to the way my smoothies evolved. It went from suuuuper complex and special to just the basics and this is exactly why my current breakfast smoothie is here to last me a year longer.


So this green smoothie, it is THE BEST thing ever in the morning. It takes no time to make and uses ingredients you always have at home or can easily find in any supermarket. It tastes fresh and tangy, is really filling and is a great way to include some leafy greens into your diet.



I use frozen spinach ( a staple in my freezer), frozen mango (they even sell this in the really poor looking supermarket  a bit further down my street), some banana, ginger (can be fresh or dried powder), a lemon or a lime and if you have some chia seeds, you can add these as well to thicken the texture.


That is it! Of course you could jazz it up with some cool toppings, some tahini, some berries etc.


I normally always make this at home, put it into my backpack and ride my bike to work.

I then eat it on my desk. I know, not mindfull eating at all!!

But I really enjoy this little ritual and it makes me enjoy arriving at work every day. I make a little tea to go with it, take a spoon and dig in.

I eat it super slowly, between emails and work, and it keeps me full until lunchtime.


So here you have it, your new breakfast smoothie that will make you love green smoothies (yes!) and work (love is a bit of a strong word here).




- a handfull of frozen spinach

- one banana

- 1 cm of fresh ginger or 1/2 a tsp of dried ginger

- a handfull of mango

- t tsp of chia seeds (optional)

- juice of half a lemon or a whole lime

- water




- frozen blueberries

- tahini

- shredded coconut

So this doesn't need to much of an explanation here, just put all of the ingrédients in the blender and blend away!





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