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Comforting Channa Masala



with chickpeas and warm spices



So I have a new obsession..


Let me start at the beginning of it all: On Christmas eve I decided OK I am going to be 100% plant based with my food for a whole year and see what effect it has on me. 

If I'm honest, I thought I actually almost ate a vegan diet already so to me it seemed that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I also totally did it to bribe my boyfriend into some new years resolution of his own: stop smoking! 

Hehe, vegan vs. smoking, I definitly thought I had the easier challenge.


Que a few months later and oh boy I was WRONG.

I realised I did not have a 100% plant based diet before at all, not even 75% and it all came down to one thing: cheese.

I sprinkled cheese on everything like it was magic stardust, ate it every lunch, used it to jazz up a bland soup, ate it as a snack and the list went on. 

Most importantly, I used cheese to comfort me. 

What else did I use to comfort my lazy butt: take out.


But once you have a plant based diet, I realised (a bit late) you can't order take out nacho's or sushi. WAIT?? WHAAAT??


The only place that offered delivery and seemed to have something I could eat was an Indian place called Spicy Dhaba. They had something called a chana massala made with chikcpeas. Nothing too exciting, right?

Ooooh well it did not dissapoint. That dish was one of the most comforting things ever that wasn't covered in cheese or pasta.

We ordered that same dish at that place weekly for the first two months of 2018 and if my boyfriend wasn't tired of it, I would have ordered it every damn day.



Sooo flash forward to last weekend: my boyfriend and I decided that we would try to save some money (hmpf, fun times) and in doing so we would probably be better off if we tried to make all of our own food (I know you would think as someone who blogs about food I would always cook all my meals but I am also a lazy person, as stated above, and sometimes that person takes over).

And anyway, the dish I always used to order was made of chickpeas with a sauce and rice... Like seriously, I have litteraly all these ingredients in my cupboards at all times. 

Why did I even order this again?


So here you have it: the recipe of the most comforting thing ever requiring almost nothing except a shit load of spices.







- a tin of chickpeas 400gr

- a tin of coconut cream 400gr

- one garlic clove

- one red onion


- 2 tsp of garam masala

- 1,5 tsp of ground ginger

- 1 tsp of cardamom

- 1 tsp of curcuma

- 1 tsp of cumin

- 1,5 tsp of paprika

- salt to taste




- brown rice

- fresh coriander


Start by putting water to a boil for the rice.


In the meanwhile, chop the onion and the garlic and pour into a large pan with some olive oil or coconut oil. Once translucent add a little more olive oil and pour all the spices on top.

Let the spices warm up (normally you would see a foam forming).

Add the drained chickpeas an stir well to coat them all with the spices.

Add the coconut cream and let simmer until the sauce has become thick and creamy.


Drain the rice once cooked and chop the coriander. Combine it all on a plate and serve.








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