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My healthy cookbook collection



I'm a sucker for books, but what really get's me super excited is the cookbook section in any bookshop. My boyfriend knows this and every time again he holds my arm very thightly, like it is my short lead and I am a pupper who just can't contain it's enthousiasm for life, saying 'NO WE DON'T HAVE TIME!!!' and increases the pace quickly untill we are in a safe zone, far far away from the temptation that are those damn new cookbooks.


I don't know where it comes from, as I don't even like following recipes to the letter and often just look at the picture and think 'Oh yeah, I get it' and start doing something at random.


But anyway, here are the books I do have and still think are a joy to flick through.




This is the first cookbook I ever bought for myself and it is by far my favourite.

David and Luise, the authors of the book have this amazing blog 'The Green Kitchen Stories' and I LOVE THEM.

They are my inspiration nr. 1. The photography is always so dreamy and beautiful, the little anecdotic stories above each recipe really make you wander through the world, through the recipe. 

Note that this is not a daily quick cookbook, more one for special occasions.


They recently released a new book, Green Kitchen At Home, all about easy, daily cooking and I can tell you that it is my most read cookbook from 2017.



Niomi did such a great job with this book, there are just soooo many recipes in this! 

If you don't know her, she is a lifestyle youtuber with a passion for healthy food.

She made the book all by herself and it is 100% plant based. 

This is a book I use a lot for easy, standard recipes. I always make her pancakes (the best vegan ones) and the banana bread is fantastic too.

Most of the ingredients are really easy to find which is always a plus.



Another face from the youtube world. Ella is the first foodblog that I ever read and I remember it had me so excited!

All the things I normally could not eat, she made available again for me.

I was instantly hooked and begged my mom for a foodprocessor for my birthday so I could make her energy balls (which she sells now in almost every big grocery shop all over the UK!)

I haven't read her two previous cookbooks because I thaught I had enough recipes to try on her blog, nonetheless this is a great adition if you need some dinnerparty inspiration. If you want to win over any of your friends or families to the plant based side, this is perfect. 


I love Sarah's personality, she seems so down to earth and positive. Sarah also has a blog: My New Roots.

I hate to admit I don't use this book as much as I wished.

It's just that she uses a lot of ingredients that don't get me very excited.  I feel like once I will get bored of my usual recipes I will love this. A friend of mine has her first book, which is divided into the four seasons and I did like the first one better. 

For me these recipes stand for sophistication and health. 

More for advanced veggie lovers, I think.



Yes yes, another blogger: Nourish Atelier.

I really like the lay out and mood of this blog, for me it screams: comfy food!

Flicking through the cookbook, you quickly get the gist: food you can eat in bowls. What more do you need on a cozy night in?

The recipes vary from super easy to requiring a bit more prep work.


I heard she released a new book focussing only on vegetarian burgers and it looks pretty amazing! 




ANOTHER BLOGGER!!! Can you tell I'm a really passionate blog reader?

Rens kroes is a Dutchie (her sister is the model Doutzen kroes) and she just sparks positivity.

She has a number of cookbooks by now and this is the smallest one.

Focussing on quick, easy recipes for everyday life.

I don't really love the lunch ideas but what sold this book to me was the bread section. It is not vegan, as she uses eggs (and as soon as I find psylliumpowder I will try to make the recipes vegan) but for gluten free options they are sooo easy and quick!



Another Green Kitchen Stories cookbook. My second favourite cookbook!

The amounts of times I have been flicking through this book is unreal.

I just freaking love the photography and the mood so much.

This is also the book that really got me into smoothies. 

Ever since I got it I make a smoothie every day without fail. 

Mus have for breakfast inspiration!!



Again Deliciously Ella and again smoothies.

This is a great starters book for someone who want's to make easy smoothies.

I prefer the one from Green Kitchen Stories by far, but I still think it is a very sweet and easy little addition.


I also have Madeleine Shaws book 'Get The Glow', but since she uses meat/diary or eggs in almost every recipe I find I never really reach for it. 

Nonetheless, I found the introduction so interesting. She talks about our sugar addiction and how food affects our gut in a really informative way. Great book if you want to eat healthy but have massive carnivores in your family.


As you can see, I mainly have cookbooks from bloggers since this is where my passion for food really sprung. My next additions will be more chef focussedI think.

I would love a cookbook about traditional Indian food since it is my main comfort food since going vegan!

I'll let you know!







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