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Go-to summer breakfast: overnight buckwheat porridge




overnight buckwheat porridge




Long time no see!

I'm so sorry, it's entirely my own fault.

I would love to tell you that I got super busy with al kinds of projects and travels and stuff, but the truth is I have been giving in to my uber lazy self.


I did absolutly nothing for the past two weeks, since I had a couple of days off.

It was also my boyfriend's last week of vacation before he starts his first serious grown persons job this week.

So all we wanted to do, really, was live like a student for one last time, and lett me tell you: it was grand! We partied a lot, sleeped untill we physically couldn't lie down any longer, spent the day hungover or tired watching movies, eating crap and doing it all over the next day: grand I tell you!


But now: back to real life!

Which is a bit of shock to be honest, but I am really happy that my other half also has to wake up to go to work from now on (mehehehe).

Since we are a bit in a hurry most mornings this overnight buckwheat porridge is PERFECT. You just make it the night before (as you would guess by it's name) and add some to a jar in the morning with a bit of fresh fruit and done!


Also, with some fruit that is in season now, I can't bring it over my heart to blend them in smoothies as they are so pretty and super tasty on their own. So this breakfast is a perfect alternative to my usual smoothies.





- 1 cup of rolled buckwheat/buckwheat flakes

- 1 tbsp of chia seeds

- 2 tsp of cacao nibs

- a good pinch of cinnamon

- half a tsp of maca powder

- two handfulls of chopped almonds (or other nut)

- 1 cup of plant based milk, I use oatmilk


- handfull of goji berries (optional)


- 1 tsp of beetroot powder (optional)
- a big handfull of coconut flakes





Toss everything in a big jar or bowl, stirr wel and cover with a lid.

Let rest overnight in your fridge or for about 30-45 min.

Add some chopped fruit and nut butter and you are good to go and have an awesome day!















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