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cashew vanilla breakfast cream




with berries and bee pollen



If you read my blog or if you know me at all, you know that breakfast is my favourite moment of the day.

Really, sometimes I go to bed early so that I don't have to wait for breakfast so long.

Heck, the only reason I get out of bed in the morning is my breakfast.


But after four years of drinking oatmilk or eating soy yoghurt, I'm kinda bored with it. I've been drinking smoothies every day for about 5 months now, and honestly it mainly was because I just had no inspiration for anything else.


And then last week I went to a new plant based shop, tAK, in Kortrijk and saw some milk straining bags. I started talking to the owners asking them if, honestly, is it really worth all the effort to make your own vegan milk? It looks likes such a mess, especially with al the straining.

They told me that if I wanted to start easy I should start with cashew milk, since these don't need straining. 

No straining? Looked easy enough to me.


I soaked my cashews overnight, blended them with some water, vanilla and two dates and the end result was kind of awesome.

If you add a lot of water you get a super creamy milk, but if you add less you get a thick cream that could replace yoghurt.


I paired the cashew cream with some strawberries and oats the first time, drank it as a milk and ate it plain with some berries.. but you could add anything you want really.


The only thing you need to take in account is the fact that it doesn't preserve so well (after forgetting mine for a few days I opened the bottle and what lied in there was a flubber, sticky mass smelling like some kind of cheese... not good, although I have seen some cashew-cheese recipes on the internet but I don't think that's how they make it)

Maybe if you add some lemon or something it would hold a bit longer? 

I'll let you know once I've tried that.




- 250 gr of cashew 

- 2 to 3 dates

- one vanilla pod or 1tsp of vanilla extract

- water



- one tsp of cinnamon

- juice of one lime



- berries

- bee pollen

- rhubarb jam

Start by soaking your cashews in a big bowl with twice the volume of water. Let rest for 3 hours, preferably an entire night.

Rince and drain the cashew, add them to a blender with the remaining ingredients. Add water accordingly to preference: for a liquid milk a liter water, for more of a cream texture 500-700 ml of water.. Blend and keep refrigerated for about 2 to 3 days.












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