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Awakening Matcha latte



stimulating beverage


Today is my 25th birthday!

(actually it was a week ago, I totally forgot to put this blogpost up on my staycation, oops)


I'm the kind of person who really dislikes her own birthday.

It stresses me out, you have no idea!

It wasn't always like that, I used to throw big birthday parties with games, themes and all kinds of snacks and I always went to bed sad that it went by so fast.

My dislike for my birthday started when I saw a movie called 'Fucking Amal' with my classmates when I was 13 years old.

In the movie a bullied girl throws a birthday party and her mom invites the entire class. She prepares all kinds of cakes and snacks and balloons and in the end, no one shows up. 

It freaked me out and I promised myself to never ever throw parties again so that this could never happen to me. 


Last year I went to Berlin with my boyfriend and it was the perfect birthday. No obligations, no stress. Jut wandering around, eating whatever we wanted and being convinced that we would move to Berlin as soon as we finished our studies.


And this year, I almost chickened out again! But in the end I am going on a staycation in a treehouse and have dinner with my parents and dinner with some of my friends. 



So this recipe today has nothing to do with birthdays, it's my matcha latte!

The first time I made this, I made a whole 1.5 liter thermos of it and drank it all in one go at work.

Worst idea ever!!

I started feeling really weird, like super relaxed, but also super concentrated.

A bit nauseous as well and my face tingled a lot. 

I told a collegue and he looked at me like I was the dumbest girl ever:

'You just told us that matcha is soooooo greeaaat because it's like green tea but 10 times stronger.... You know green tea has caffeine, right??

Euhhhhhh, it never occured to me dammit!

So yeah, by the time I was off my cafeine high (yes it's a thing) it was almost time to go home.


But consumed in small amounts, this latte is great if you're feeling super tired and need something to perk you up! Its also a really great option if you don't drink coffee.


So, for this matcha latte you will need:

- half a teaspoon of matcha powder (I know it's expensive, but you really don't need a lot per serving, so a little bag will last you for sooo long)

- half a cup of plant based milk - I use oatmilk

- a dust of cinnamon

- half a teaspoon of coconut sugar

- half a cup of boiled water


- a small whisk or milk frother or bottle

To start, put a small amount of warm water in your cup/bottle and stirr in the matcha powder until totally diluted. Add the rest of the water, the cinnamon and coconut sugar and mix wel. If you have a milk frother, use it to mix your milk until it's becoming a thick foam (takes about 2 min). If not, add you milk in the bottle and shake really wel.

Serve in a cup and drink up!







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