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with spinach, kale and pili pili


This is honestly the easiest soup to make, you can't go wrong!

AND it's quick too!

AND also yummie!

AND you can always have the ingredients at home, which makes it the perfect lazy day/ I can't be bothered going to the shop soup.


I was so surprised I liked this green soup. I mean... Kale and spinach aren't the sexiest ingredients, right?

But ahhhh, this is my new favourite soup. Even the smell.. Just the smell is already comforting to me.


Now I know I said it was easy and it only had 3 ingredients but I have to admit two things:


1) My mom failed at making this soup. I thought it was impossible but it happened. What happened was, my mom never cooks with pili pili so she used it as a normal spice and DAMNNN, let me tell you: that was a HOT soup!


2) You can do this soup with 3 ingredients and it will be a great soup but it is even better with some extra additions.


Ok since you probably are reading this in search for a quick dinner I won't bother you any longer and just tell you the recipe, Here we go!




- 400 gr of kale, I use frozen kale since it is super handy to always have it in your freezer (for smoothies)

- 400 gr of spinach, again, I mostly use frozen spinach as I always have it in my freezer

- a pinch of pili pili/ chili spices

- a glug of olive oil

- 1 liter of water

- salt and pepper to taste


Extra additions:

- a splash of tamari

- a pinch of nutmeg

- a pinch of ginger



- coconut cream

- puffed quinoa

You might notice I don't use bouillon or vegetable broth. The reason for that is quite simple. I haven't find any that doesn't contain gluten or maltodextrine or sugar and I never really find the time to make some broth myself. Also, I don't think they are necessary to make a good soup.


In a large pot pour a glug of olive oil and add your kale and spinach on a medium heat. Add the pili pili and any other additional spices and stirr around for about one minute. Add the water and tamari and let simmer for about 25min. Serve in a bowl with the toppings. And don't forget to freeze leftovers!






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