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with spices and oatmilk


A month ago I went to London with my sister and my aunt to visit the Harry Potter studio's. The whole trip was a gift from my aunt for my sister's birthday and as my sister didn't want to go without me, I was invited too!


If you ever met me, you KNOW I'm a huuuge Harry Potter fan. I used to read the books over and over again, waiting for the next book to come out. During lunchbreak me and my friends would read a line and the other one had to guess which book it came from. A game way to easy for me.. So you understand my level of Harry Potter'nes, right? 


The entire visit of the studios was so magical, our guide was the nicest person and we had enough time to see everything at our own pace (we stayed there for over 8 hours, the record is 12 hours. But hey, they were closing!)


Anyway, while I was there I was on the hunt for cool things to buy. But honestly, everything looked cool to me. So I opted for a different tactic, something cool AND usefull: a mug.


My boyfriend would roll his eyes right now: I have about 20 mugs filling up the entire space of our cupboard. A new mug, usefull... really???


BUT in my defense, I didn't have any big mug.

And that's what I found there, a huge Hogwarts mug! iiiiiiiiiiek!


For me Hogwarts was my comforting place growing up.

When I felt homesick on sailcamp (yes, sail camp) I would read Harry Potter and feel better.

When I had just moved houses I had no furniture or any belongings for the first week except a Harry Potter book and I felt at home instantly.  

When I had an argument at school with my best friend, I would come home and read in my book and for a while my troubles wouldn't matter.

I know, deeeeeep stuff for a ten year old.

And I admit it, when J.K Rowling published her last book and said: 'Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.' I teared up. Ahum..


So on days that I'm feeling blue or when I had a particularly rough day, this is my ultimate comfort food: a hot chocolate in my Hogwarts mug, it's ahmazing. 


 (no, this isn't my Hogwarts mug. I took this picture before I went to London: see how tiny this mug is??)


- a cup of oat milk (check the ingredients so there is no added sugar)

- one big teaspoon of raw cacao

- a good pinch of cinnamon

- a pinch of grounded turmeric

- a pinch of grounded ginger

- a small pinch of salt


- a teaspoon of peanutbutter or almond butter (crunchy doesn't work so well if you don't want to cough after every sip you take)

- maple syrup/coconut sugar/date syrup 

Heat the milk with all the spices in a small pan untill they are all well blended and drink up.


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