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with peanutbutter and chocolate frosting


I made these cookies for Valentine...


I know your giggling, but hear me out:


On sundays I love baking. I have the time, the motivation and most importantly all of the ingredients since I always go to the supermarket on saturday with my mom (wild times).

My plan this sunday was to succeed in making cookies, because believe me or not, I've never succeeded in making edible cookies before.

I made the batter, rolled a little ball to make my first cookie and suddenly remembered I had a drawer full of shapes waiting for the day I finally attempted cookies again.

Oh there where so many shapes: a butterfly, a rabbit, a circle, a triangle, a flower, a star and a heart. So I chose the heart because I thought it would be weird to serve rabbit cookies around the time everyone is gifting pink wrapped chocolates and pralines. 


It took me a noticable amount of time to roll the dough, cut the hearts, roll the leftover dough etc etc. I was already starting to regret my decision for trying cookies again..


But once they where done and out of the oven they looked GREAT, so I thought I would make them look even more great by adding a chocolate glacing.

Oh man, they looked fabulous!


But there was one thing I did not think about: I still needed to take the train to my house in Ghent.. on a sunday evening, when al the students also need to take the train to Ghent.. Without ruining the glazing on my beautiful little heart-shaped cookies..

I found a plastic box and decided it would be best if I carried them around in my hands, just to be sure they would stay levelled..


So there I sat, on a fully packed train, with my transparent box of heart shaped cookies when it occured to me I was getting some weird looks from the people around me.

That's when it hit me: I was sat on a train, a day before Valentine's day, with a box filled wit HEART SHAPED COOKIES, looking like an absolute lunatic on her way to the most cheesiest Valentine ever with her suitcases already packed, ready to move in with her Valentine.


Or maybe they were just looking at me and thinking: Oh that's sweet, heart shaped cookies!


I will never now. Anyway, here is the recipe so you can make them yourself.

I know it's to late now for Valentine, but honestly, you can declare your love to your dear ones any day of the year. You can also eat any day of the year. So reasons enough to make these cookies!




- 250 gr of ground almonds

- 50 ml of maple syrup

- 1 vanilla pod (cut in half, vanilla extracted from the pod)

- 1 tbsp of coconut oil

- 2 tbsp of buckwheat flower


peanutbutter frosting:

- 2 tbsp of peanutbutter

- 3 tbsp of raw cacao powder

- 2 tbsp of coconut oil

- pinch of salt

- 1 tsp of grounded ginger

optional: - zest of one orange

Mix all the ingredients for the cookies in a bowl, the mixture is supposed to look dry but when pressed it should stick together well. Roll the dough flat on a baking paper and make sure that the mixture is wel compressed. If wanted, cut out little shapes and use the leftovers to make a new ball to roll out again.
Put in the oven on 175°C for about 15 min or untill golden brown.

In the meanwhile start with the chocolate sauce. Pour all the ingredients in a pan over medium to low heat and let everything melt together, stirr well and be carefull to not let it burn.

Once the cookies are baked let them cool before spooning the chocolate sauce on.

Put in the fridge for one hour and tadaaaam!












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