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healing turmeric chia pudding








This is my go-to breakfast for when I have an IBS-crisis.


The turmeric really helps with the inflamation and seems to really calm my gut. The chia provides protein and I find the bananas really filling and sweet without irritating my gut like other fruits would.


I also add classic Chai spices: ginger helps a lot with the digestion, cardamom makes it light to digest, cinnamon keeps your sugar levels balanced, a bit of bee pollen to help your immune system, black pepper to help and absorb the turmeric more easily by the body and some oatmilk because I find it a lot less heavy than coconut cream/milk.


As a side I have a slice of banana bread if my body can handle it.

Often when I have bad IBS I crave sweet things.

This bread and bowl really do cut these cravings.
So you see, it really is a bowl full of ingredients meant to make you and your gut feel better. 


Haaaa, breathe in, breathe out and give your body the time to heal.


Get well soon my friend!​






    - 2 tbsp chia seeds
    - 1 or 2 tsp of grounded curcuma/turmeric
    - 1 tsp of grounded cinnamon
    - pinch of black pepper
    - swirl of maple syrup or coconut syrup
    - 300 ml of oatmilk​

    to garnish:
    - bee pollen
    - sunflower and pumpkin seeds
    - sliced banana

Simply mix the chia seeds with the grounded turmeric and cinnamon, add the milk and black pepper plus the swirl of maple syrup and stirr. be carefull to scrape the chia seeds stuck on the sides of the bowl. 
Put away in the fridge and stir again after 30 min. 

I usually make this the night before so the chia seeds have enough time to absorb the milk fully. You’ll know when it’s ready when the pudding start acting like a jelly.

Add your toppings and start eating. 


Recipe for the banana bread will follow soon!









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